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7th November 2014

Tweet: "All of you supportive fans are truly amazing! We so love your support and doing everything you can to SaveDallas. Thank you so very much." Dallas star Linda Gray thanks fans for supporting a campaign to bring back the revamped drama, which was axed by U.S. Tv network Tnt last month (Oct14) after just three seasons.

26th February 2014

Fact: Dallas star Linda Gray earned just $25 (£15) when she posed for the iconic film poster for The Graduate. The former model's leg was used in the photo instead of the movie's lead actress, Anne Bancroft.

19th February 2014

Tweet: "My mom and I are throwing a Ewing party on Monday complete w/ Bourbon & Branch for the premiere!!" Dallas star Josh Henderson is to celebrate the U.S. launch of the revamped drama show's third series next week (beg24Feb14) by drinking J.R. Ewing's favourite booze.

10th October 2013

Fact: Former 90210 star AnnaLynne McCord is set for a return to Tv after landing a recurring role in Dallas. The sexy star will portray a single mum who becomes romantically involved with Jesse Metcalf's character Christopher Ewing.

26th July 2013

Tweet: "Dear dude that stole my weights while I was runnin. Enjoy those 2 yr old sweaty ankle weights. Coulda bought urself new ones for $15. Dallas star Josh Henderson attacks the gym-goer who took his equipment during a work-out session.

21st May 2013

Tweet: "Huge prayers goin out for my family and all my Oklahoma people. So worried about all of u." Dallas star Josh Henderson reaches out to his loved ones in Oklahoma, after tornadoes swept through the state on Monday (20May13).

17th May 2013

Quote: "I started about three years ago because I was feeling stressed, but now it's more of a spiritual practice. I do Vedic for 20 minutes twice a day... When I'm shooting, I'll go on a different set and just sit. Sometimes it's embarrassing because they'll call me in and I'll be a little dreamy." Dallas star Jordana Brewster takes time out of her busy work schedule to meditate and free her mind.

10th April 2013

Fact: Producers of revamped Tv drama Dallas have been given the go-ahead to shoot a third season. The sex-and-scandal story of the Ewing oil dynasty returned in 2012 after a 21-year hiatus but the future of the show was thrown into doubt following the death of lynchpin actor Larry Hagman in November (12) during shooting of season two. Now Hagman's co-star Patrick Duffy has confirmed Tnt network bosses have agreed to a third series, scheduled for broadcast next year (14).

5th March 2013

Quote: "I really want girls, my husband really wants boys, so I guess both." Dallas star Jordana Brewster on her plans for a big family with husband of almost six years Andrew Form.

29th November 2012

Tweet: "I have read each of your notes and thru (sic) my heart passed them on to Larry. I thank every one of you. Back to life!" Actor Patrick Duffy thanks fans for their outpouring of support following the death of his Dallas co-star Larry Hagman last week (23Nov12).

9th October 2012

Quote: "I am very ecologically minded. My ranch is organic. I drive hybrid cars, I recycle as much as I can. I irritate my wife no end because I'm always turning off lights in the room while she's sitting in it." Eco-friendly star Patrick Duffy is nothing like his famous oil baron character Bobby Ewing on Dallas.

20th August 2012

Fact: Dallas star Charlene Tilton turned chef on Monday (20Aug12) when she helped out in the kitchen by chopping vegetables during an appearance on U.K. TV show Let's Do Lunch With Gino & Mel.

6th August 2012

Quote: "Someone wanted me to sign their baby. I felt really weird and so I was like, 'Can I just sign her dress or shirt?' And they were like, 'No, just sign her arm'." Dallas star Josh Henderson on the strangest thing a fan has asked him to autograph.

19th June 2012

Fact: Dallas star Patrick Duffy was born on St. Patrick's Day.

18th June 2012

Fact: Dallas star Josh Henderson helped the Los Angeles Dodgers baseball team kick off its game against the Chicago White Sox on Friday night (15Jun12) by throwing out the ceremonial first pitch at Dodgers Stadium. The actor wore a shirt supporting the home team as he stepped up to the mound and his presence appeared to be good luck for them - they won the match 7-6.

13th June 2012

Fact: The stars of the hotly anticipated Dallas reboot were invited to the New York Stock Exchange on Wednesday morning (13Jun12) to ring the bell and signal the start of the working day.

6th February 2012

Fact: Former Dallas star Charlene Tilton became the latest celebrity to be voted off U.K. reality TV show Dancing On Ice on Sunday night (05Feb12).

13th January 2012

Quote: "This one was limos and the Ritz Hotel. And the original was a pick-up truck and a grungy hotel." Dallas star Steve Kanaly noticed the difference in his fortunes when he returned to shoot scenes for the hit TV show's relaunch.

12th January 2012

Quote: "I have to tell you it's as good as the original. It's absolutely sensational. It's amazing, I'm not kidding you. I predict it's going to be huge." Dallas star Charlene Tilton is a fan of the classic show's upcoming new series, in which she resumes her role as Lucy Ewing.

3rd January 2012

Fact: Former child actor Corey Feldman, Sugababes singer Heidi Range, Dallas actress Charlene Tilton and singer Chesney Hawkes are among the celebrities taking part in the new series of Britain's Dancing On Ice. The TV competition will begin on 8 January (12).

9th November 2011

Fact: Actor Carlos Bernard has joined the all-star cast of TV's Dallas update. The 24 and Csi: Miami star will play a Venezuelan businessman in the series when it debuts in 2012. He'll join Dallas veterans Larry Hagman, Patrick Duffy and Linda Gray and newcomers Jesse Metcalfe, Josh Henderson, Jordana Brewster and Brenda Strong.

15th August 2011

Quote: "Lawlessness cannot be tolerated in any civilised country. I hope you can help drag a wonderful country out of this mess - and soon." Dallas star Larry Hagman lends his support to a U.K tabloid campaign to raise money for badly-hit shop owners and those who have been left homeless as a result of the violent riots that caused chaos throughout Britain recently.

2nd August 2011

Quote: "I told them it had to be Dallas. How can you not film it in Dallas? I called all my friends in town, the power players, and got the film company a deal." Larry Hagman used his considerable clout to stop the forthcoming revamp of cult 80s show Dallas being filmed elsewhere.

4th March 2011

Quote: "I'm hoping J.R. is still a womaniser at 80. That would be fun. I've been married for over 57 years but I still have an eye for the ladies." Larry Hagman can't wait to work with pretty actresses when the Dallas remake kicks off.

4th March 2011

Quote: "It won't be easy being apart if I'm filming Dallas in Texas but I'll be able to fly back every week to see her." Larry Hagman is dreading being apart from his wife Maj, who is in a care home receiving treatment for Alzheimer's, while he films the upcoming Dallas remake.

6th January 2011

Quote: "He's a real p**ck, and I sure know how to play that." Dallas star Larry Hagman on his scheming new Desperate Housewives character FRANK KAMINSKI.

24th September 2010

Quote: "It's part of my life and I love actors who acknowledge that huge part of their life and that's how people remember. So I'm not going to say, 'It doesn't exist and I'm not going to talk about it'. I loved doing it." Dallas star Linda Gray is proud of her years playing SUE ELLEN EWING on the blockbuster U.S. TV show.

24th September 2010

Quote: "It's like an annuity... I go out, they adore me, and then they pay you. What better job can you have?" Larry Hagman on his appearances at conventions and get togethers for beloved 80s soap Dallas.

14th November 2009

Fact: Former Dallas star VICTORIA PRINCIPAL has donated $25,000 (£15,600) to environmental group Tree People to help officials restore areas of California's Angeles National Forest recently destroyed by wildfires.

14th April 2009

Quote: "My family used to be obsessed with Dallas. We used to all gather together on a Tuesday night and it would be the one night of the week we allowed to eat on TV trays in the lounge... The first couple of seasons of Dallas... I was into that." Russell Crowe was a big fan of U.S. soap Dallas growing up Down Under.

14th October 2008

Fact: Dallas star Larry Hagman runs an avocado farm in Ojai, California. The former vegetarian isn't the only star to grow avocados in the state - Tom Selleck also has a farm there.

15th September 2008

Fact: Former Dallas star Linda Gray has signed up as the new face of Irish company Newbridge Silverware's new Leather Collection handbags.

28th July 2008

Quote: "PATRICK (Duffy) and I are good friends. We go hunting and fishing a lot. Linda Gray and my wife and I have lunches or dinner a couple of times a month." Larry Hagman insists he's still close to his Dallas co-stars 30 years after the show ended.

1st April 2008

Fact: Former Dallas star Patrick Duffy has turned game show host with U.S. TV's new BINGO AMERICA programme.

25th February 2008

Fact: JUMPER star Rachel Bilson's grandfather, BRUCE BILSON, directed episodes of TV hits Dallas, GET SMART, THE COLBYS and DYNASTY.

18th May 2007

Quote: "I can't think of any reason why I would ever marry again." Former Dallas star VICTORIA PRINCIPAL likes the single life after splitting from her husband of 20 years, Harry Glassman, in 2006.

18th April 2007

Fact: Dallas star VICTORIA PRINCIPLE will become the first female tourist in space after booking a place on SIR Richard Branson's Virgin Galactic.

14th April 2007

Quote: "Dallas, the movie, was very troubled. It was very dramatic. There was a range of creative differences and issues and directions that people wanted to go in." Director Robert Luketic on why he quit the movie version of soap series Dallas.

2nd April 2007

Quote: "They're still getting the script and the cast right - but they've already started paying me." WILD HOGS star John Travolta isn't too worried if filming on the upcoming movie version of TV classic Dallas doesn't begin immediately.

5th January 2007

Fact: Former Dallas actor Patrick Duffy's star turn on the British pantomime circuit has seen box office records at Woking's Victoria Theatre smashed this festive season (DEC06) with ticket sales topping GBP1 million ($1.95 million). Duffy plays BARON HARDUP in the Cinderella production there.

18th August 2006

Fact: Dallas star VICTORIA PRINCIPAL's agents threatened to dump the actress as a client if she went through with plans to sell her namesake cosmetic items on fledgling shopping channel QVC - because they thought the appearance would end her career. She has since become a regular and credits QVC for putting her multi-million business empire on the map.

14th August 2006

Fact: Former Dallas star VICTORIA PRINCIPAL, designer PHILIPPE STARCK and SUPERMAN RETURNS director Bryan Singer have all paid SIR Richard Branson $200,000 (GBP111,000) to venture into space on VIRGIN GALACTIC airways when it is eventually ready to blast off.

27th July 2006

Fact: Dallas star Larry Hagman and French actress Catherine Deneuve are to make guest appearances in hit television show NIP/TUCK. Brooke Shields, Richard Chamberlain and Kathleen Turner will also feature in the fourth series of the American programme.

23rd June 2006

Quote: "If we had a kissing scene, we'd eat things like peanut butter or onions beforehand." Linda Gray and her Dallas co-star Larry Hagman weren't close on set.

18th April 2006

Quote: "I'm the most likely to get bounced off the project." Luke Wilson is far from convinced he'll last the distance as BOBBY EWING in the upcoming Dallas movie, opposite heavyweights like John Travolta, Jennifer Lopez and Shirley Maclaine.

30th March 2006

Quote: "I will be doing Dallas. I heard LARRY (HAGMAN) approved of me. We were in Primary Colors together and so it was sweet for him to give his seal of approval." John Travolta confirms he'll be playing JR EWING in the film adaptation of TV soap Dallas.

21st March 2006

Quote: "I think Jennifer Lopez should call me. We'll have lunch." Linda Gray wants to offer JENNIFER LOPEZ advice before she starts shooting the movie adaptation of hit soap Dallas. Lopez is slated to play SUE ELLEN EWING - the role made famous by Gray.

16th March 2006

Quote: "I'm being replaced twice this year." Actor Larry Hagman who played JR EWING in Dallas and MAJOR ANTONY NELSON in I Dream Of Jeannie. Both TV series are being made into feature films with JOHN TRAVOLTA starring in Dallas and JIMMY FALLON starring in I Dream of Jeannie.

11th March 2006

Fact: The Dallas Film Commission in Texas has launched the 'Shoot JR in Dallas' campaign in a bid to lure movie makers to the city when they shoot the film adaptation of 1980s soap DALLAS.

16th January 2006

Fact: <p>Jessica Simpson met with director Robert Luketic for a possible role in his upcoming movie version of hit 1980s soap Dallas. John Travolta is rumoured to be among the frontrunners to play oil tycoon JR EWING in the project. </p>

21st October 2005

Quote: <p>"They've offered it to me but it's just one of those logistical things." Catherine Zeta-Jones confirms she's in the running to play SUE ELLEN in a movie adaptation of hit 1980s soap series Dallas. </p>


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