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Colin Firth Declares 'Conscious Uncoupling' From Voicing 'Paddington Bear' In Movie

Colin Firth

In Movie Colin Firth ha walked away from 'Paddington.'

The English actor will not be voicing Paddington Bear in an upcoming reboot film based on the Michael Bond books.

The movie, which tells the tale of a bear from Peru who is found at Paddington station in London by the Brown family, currently stars Nicole Kidman, Hugh Bonneville, Sally Hawkins, Jim Broadbent, Peter Capaldi and Julie Walters.

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Devil's Knot Review

Very Good

Based on the events documented in West of Memphis and the Paradise Lost trilogy, this drama takes an almost clinical approach to the story. By filling in so many details and covering so many perspectives, skilled Canadian director Atom Egoyan sometimes loses the emotional connection, simply because there are too many punches to the gut. But it's utterly riveting.

The events took place in 1993 in rural West Memphis, Arkansas. After three 8-year-old boys go missing, suspicion immediately falls on four goth 16-year-olds: Chris (Dane DeHaan) has just left town, but the fiercely charismatic Damien (James Hamrick), hapless Jason (Seth Meriwether) and mentally disabled Jesse (Kristopher Higgens) are arrested and charged with murder. The victims' parents (including Reese Witherspoon, Alessandro Nivola and Kevin Durand) band together in outrage. But private investigator Ron (Colin Firth) thinks the police have wrongly accused these teens of being killers.

The story is a shocking account of a miscarriage of justice, as the community turns on kids who simply look a bit funny and the police and judicial authorities refuse to admit that they may have made some serious mistakes. The rush to judgement is terrifying, accompanied with explanations that falsely link the teens to satanic rituals and death-metal music. Egoyan cleverly builds a sense of outrage from the start, as the film mourns not only the young boys' death but also the horror of carelessly ruining three innocent teens' lives in response.

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Devil's Knot Trailer

Devil's Knot is a biographical thriller drama based on the events of the West Memphis Three case directed by Atom Egoyan (The Sweet Hereafter, Chloe) and written by Paul Harris Boardman and Scott Derrickson (Sinister, The Exorcism Of Emily Rose). 

Devil's Knot tells the chilling story of three young boys, Stevie Branch, Christopher Byers and Michael Moore, going missing in the town of West Memphis, Arkansas. When the bodies are found beaten and murdered, the police and religious people of the town put the blame to a group of teenagers they believed to be Satanists, due to the dark nature of their appearance. After police investigation, three young adults, Damien Echols, Jason Baldwin and Jessie Misskelley Jr., are arrested for suspicion of the crime. These three youths claim to be innocent of the murders, but the citizens of the town want justice for the murdered children and the punishment of the teenagers, innocent or not, seems to be their best answer.

The film will star academy award winner Reese Witherspoon portraying Stevie Branch's distraught mother, Michelle Enos (World War Z, Gangster Squad) as Vicki Hutcheson who was key in the arrest of the teenagers, Academy Award winner Colin Firth as private investigator Ron Lax and Dane DeHaan (The Amazing Spider Man 2, The Place Beyond the Pines) as Chris Morgan, who was a suspect in the murder case.

Magic In The Moonlight Trailer

Stanley is a talented magician who goes by the name of Wei Ling Soo professionally, and he is also a renowned cynic. One day, an associate enlists him to help him expose a self-proclaimed spirit medium named Sophie living in the South of France and he decides to travel over, convinced that he will easily debunk her. Despite everyone around her insisting that she has displayed psychic abilities beyond anyone's comprehension, Stanley is determined to force her to reveal her deceptive secrets, but on meeting her it seems that he also is captivated. Extremely beautiful, Sophie becomes something of a love interest for Stanley and, in spite of his initial doubts, he too finds himself unable to explain some of the extraordinary feats Sophie is demonstrating, and he starts to wonder if the world really is full of magic.

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Kingsman: The Secret Service Trailer

A young teen with an incredible IQ and first-rate academic performance takes the wrong path in life by getting involved in drugs and petty crime. He is caught by police during one dramatic car chase but is released unexpectedly by Secret Service agent Uncle Jack. Jack sees a lot of potential in the kid and introduces him to the world of International Intelligence. Initially impressed by the gadgetry and glamour of the Service, Uncle Jack introduces him to a new division: the Kingsman. There’s a job going for the brightest young adults in the country and Jack wants his new recruit to prove himself against the upper class kids who rival him. It soon becomes clear, though, that the world of Intelligence is not just a fun game when the training starts getting intensely scary.

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'Magic In The Moonlight': Woody Allen's New Muse Emma Stone Dazzles In Enchanting New Dramedy

Emma Stone Colin Firth Woody Allen Hamish Linklater Simon McBurney Marcia Gay Harden Jacki Weaver

The trailer has been released for Woody Allen's bewitching new comedy drama, Magic in the Moonlight, which stars The Amazing Spider-Man's Emma Stone alongside The King's Speech star Colin Firth in a movie set in 1920s Europe.

Emma Stone
Emma Stone Dazzles As The Bewitching Sophie In The 'Magic In The Moonlight' Trailer.

Set for release throughout summer and early fall 2014, Magic in the Moonlight stars Firth as Stanley, a man who poses as an Asian magician whilst secretly trying to debunk fake spiritualists. He is directed to the South of France where his assignment is to unmask a purported spiritual medium named Sophie (Stone), who has been mystifying people with her seemingly otherworldly skills.

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He's Almost Here! New 'Paddington' Trailer Teases Arrival Of The Marmalade-Loving Bear [Trailer + Pictures]

Colin Firth Nicole Kidman Hugh Bonneville Paul King Sally Hawkins

A teaser trailer has been released to promote this year's upcoming Paddington movie, based on Michael Bond's much-loved children's books and the animated television shows. The King's Speech's Colin Firth will voice the little brown bear, who everybody knows has a penchant for marmalade sandwiches.

Paddington Bear Film Poster
Upcoming Children's Film 'Paddington' Will Add A Modern Twist To Michael Bond's Much-Loved Children's Classic.

Released this coming November, the Paul King-directed movie will follow the classic tale of the conscientious little bear who arrives in London from Peru feeling frightened and alone at Paddington Station. Luckily, the kind Brown family notice Paddington with his "Please look after this bear" tag and take him in.

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Paddington - Teaser Trailer

Paddington is a bear who has lived with his Aunt Lucy in Peru since he was young. She taught him all about an explorer she once knew and shared her dreams of jetting over to England. She decides to send him off on a boat to England after her home is destroyed, but rather than being thrilled at the prospect of being in a country he has yearned to see for so many years, young Paddington is left confused, alone and frightened in the bustling Paddington Station in London. Soon though, he has a stroke of luck when a kind family called the Browns take him in whilst he attempts to track down the explorer he has heard so much about. However, things don't run smoothly for Paddington, who finds himself running for his life from a cruel, money-loving taxidermist with an eye for rare bears.

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The Railway Man Review

Very Good

A terrific true story is oddly underplayed in this sober, sedate drama about reconciliation and making peace with the past. Strikingly complex performances from Colin Firth and Nicole Kidman help give the film some deeper resonance, even if even it all seems rather under-powered. But the force of emotion in the events makes the film worth a look.

In 1980 Scotland, railway expert Eric (Firth) has defined his entire life by trains. During the Second World War, he was captured by the Japanese and put into forced-labour to build a railway in Thailand. And more recently he met his wife Patti (Kidman) on a train journey. But their marriage starts to collapse when Eric refuses to face up to his torture at the hands of his wartime captors all those years ago, so Patti turns to his war-veteran pal Finlay (Skarsgard) for help. Eventually, Eric makes the difficult decision to return to Thailand and confront his tormenter Nagase (Sanada).

A more Hollywood-style film would play out as a build-up to roaring vengeance, but director Teplitzky internalises the tone, showing us past events in extensive flashbacks as the young Eric and Finlay (Irvine and Reid) try to subvert the young Nagase (Ishida) at every turn. These scenes are eerily tame as well, and only reveal the true horror of Eric's experience when he finally faces up to it himself. Instead, the focus is on his struggle to forgive Nagase, and this gives the film a strongly moving punch.

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Cara Delevingne Set To Star In Amanda Knox Movie As Gaze Shifts To Acting

Cara Delevingne Daniel Bruhl Colin Firth

It seems that Cara Delevingne is most determined to make acting her focus from now on. The model and current it-girl has had an extremely successful run during this year's September month of fashion but wants to expand her skillset into the world of drama, according to the Mirror.

Cara Delevingne
Cara Dazzled On The Catwalks During A Busy September.

Now, anyone who has seen Cara's performance in Karl Lagerfeld's Fendi horror film will know that the actress' skills leave much to be desired. However, being the connected individual she surely is, she must have pulled a few strings and cemented herself a role in an upcoming movie about Amanda Knox, who was on trial for the death of her British housemate Meredith Kercher.

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Bridget Jones Third Novel Promises Monumental Character Death

Renee Zellweger Colin Firth Hugh Grant Helen Fielding

It's the biggest literary news of the past seven days: if you somehow haven't heard who author Helen Fielding has killed off in her Bridget Jones sequel to The Edge of Reason, then look away now. Bridget Jones' Diary, published in 1996 after an anonymous column in The Independent newspaper, catapulted the former journalist to fame and spawned a hugely successful movie franchise starring Renee Zellweger, Hugh Grant and Colin Firth.

Renee Zellweger
Renee Zellweger Has Become Synonymous With Bridget Jones.

After a long break, Fielding announced that she'd begun writing the third instalment in the Bridget Jones series in mid-2012 and now it looks like Bridget Jones: Mad About The Boy is finally here. Before the novel has even been published, Bridget Jones fans are going wild upon the news that Fielding had decided to kill off Mark Darcy, Bridget's heartthrob husband played by Colin Firth in the movies, and leave our heroine widowed.

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Colin Firth To Voice Paddington Bear In Movie

Colin Firth

Colin Firth has signed on to voice Paddington Bear in an upcoming reboot film based on the Michael Bond books that tells the tale of a bear from Peru who is found at Paddington station in London by the Brown family.

The star of 'The King's Speech' and 'Pride and Prejudice' will be joined by Australian actress Nicole Kidman,'Downtown Abbey's Hugh Boneville as the bear's adoptive father -Mr Brown, Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent.

The Oscar winning actor recently spoke with the Daily mail about his new role, revealing he will be providing facial expressions for the bear as well as the voice, "I'll be wearing a helmet with cameras to capture my face muscles, and that data will somehow be incorporated into Paddington".

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Colin Firth Will Put On His Wellies & Raincoat As He Lends His Voice To Paddington Bear

Colin Firth Hugh Bonneville Julie Walters Jim Broadbent Nicole Kidman

Colin Firth has agreed to play Paddington Bear in a re-boot of the famed Michael Bond books about a bear from Peru with a taste for marmalade. In the original Bond books, Paddington is found by the Brown family in London's Paddington Station after getting lost on the way over from his South American homeland. It is thought that the origins from the book will be mirrored on to the screen.

Colin Firth
Colin Firth will play the marmalade-loving bear

In a discussion with the Daily Mail, Firth revealed that the movie will all be live action, except for the computer animated Paddington. Firth also revealed that as well as providing the voice for Paddington, his facial expressions will be mapped and used by the animators to construct the Paddington we see on stage, using the same methods used to capture Gollum in the Lord of the Rings films.

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No Marmalade Please! Colin Firth Will Voice Paddington Bear In New Film

Colin Firth Nicole Kidman

Colin Firth will provide the voice for an animated Paddington Bear in an upcoming adaptation of Michael Bond's cherished children's stories about a bear named after the station where he was found by the Brown family.

Colin Firth
Colin Firth Will Voice Paddington...But Won't Have To Eat Marmalade Sandwiches.

The star of Bridget Jones and A Single Man will voice the marmalade-loving, duffel coat-wearing bear alongside performances from Hugh Bonneville and Sally Hawkins as Mr. and Mrs. Brown. English favourite actors Julie Walters and Jim Broadbent will play a housekeeper and an antiques expert, respectively, whilst Moulin Rouge actress Nicole Kidman will play the villain in the movie: a malevolent taxidermist, it has been reported by BBC News.

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Sophie Cookson Recruited Into Matthew Vaughn's 'Secret Service' Movie

Matthew Vaughn Colin Firth Samuel L Jackson Michael Caine Adele Taylor Swift David Beckham

Actress Sophie Cookson has landed the female lead role in Matthew Vaughn's adaptation of Mark Millar's comic series The Secret Service where she will join Colin Firth, Samuel L. Jackson, Tamara Egerton and Michael Caine, reports Variety.

Sophie Cookson
Cookson In TV Series, Moonfleet.

Cookson, a relative newcomer to acting, is best known for Sky's adventure TV miniseries Moonfleet alongside Ray Winstone. Kick-Ass director Vaughn decided that he wanted to cast a fresh face who he feel really fit the part, over better known names such as Emma Watson and Bella Heathcote. Whilst potentially risky, this was a choice he opted for in Kick-Ass with Chloe Moretz and Aaron Taylor-Johnson and in Layer Cake with Daniel Craig.

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Adele To Play Villain In Matthew Vaughn's Drama 'The Secret Service'

Adele Matthew Vaughn Colin Firth Michael Caine

Adele is reportedly being lined up to play the villain in Matthew Vaughn's forthcoming drama The Secret Service, starring Colin Firth and, possibly, Michael Caine, according to the Sun on Sunday.

In a movie stinking of desperation - though don't believe everything the tabloids tell you - Vaughn and the producers are lining up a number of high profile celebrities in a bid to boost the movie's box-office hopes.

One of the guest stars is the Grammy award winner who could be cast in the role of the villain. Vaughn apparently believes the Skyfall singer will prove "great value on the big screen" for the movie, which is an adaptation of Mark Millar's comic book of the same name.

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Adele Planning Her Move Into Acting: Singer Signs Up For Villainous Role In New Spy Film

Adele Samuel L Jackson Matthew Vaughn Colin Firth Elton John David Beckham

Adele is apparently set to be the next singer to make the inevitable move in front for the cameras after reportedly being cast in the upcoming action film The Secret Service. The singer has reportedly joined a cast that already includes Samuel L Jackson and Colin Firth and will be flexing her acting chops in a villainous role in the new film.

Adele Oscars
Does Adele have a few more Oscars coming her way?

The 'Skyfall' singer will reportedly be playing the role of one of the villains in The Secret Service, which is being adapted for the screen from Mark Millar's original manuscript by Vaughn and Jane Goldman (Kick-Ass, X Men: First Class). Her participation in the film hasn't been confirmed just yet, so it is still unknown what role she will be playing, however some reports state that she will only be taking on a cameo role. If so, then this will be much like her last on-screen appearance - on the hit show Ugly Betty - where she also played a cameo role.

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'Secret Service' To Serve As Adele's Acting Debut

Adele Samuel L Jackson Colin Firth

Adele couldn’t have chosen a much better way to kick off her acting career – the soulful singer will star in a movie, directed by X-Men: First Class and Layer Cake director Matthew Vaughn. Not only that, but the crooner is about to act opposite heavyweights Colin Firth and Samuel L Jackson, Entertainmentwise reports.

Adele, Oscars 2013
This Oscar winner is just starting out her film career.

To be fair, Adele isn’t entirely new to the world of acting. In 2009, the Grammy winner made a cameo on the show Ugly Betty. And of course, she is going into it with one Oscar under her belt, which she won earlier this year for the Skyfall theme. Adele returns to the world of secret agents with Secret Service – a British spy flick, not related to 007. Go figure. Oh, and it’s probably worth mentioning that the film in question is based on a graphic novel by Mark Millar, aka the man behind the Kick-Ass comics.

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Richard Curtis Bows Out Of Filmmaking: What's His Secret Rom-Com Formula?

Richard Curtis Hugh Grant Renee Zellweger Andrew Lincoln Colin Firth Keira Knightley Rachel McAdams Domhnall Gleeson Bill Nighy

Master of the romantic comedy genre, Richard Curtis, who helped bring us some of Britain's best-loved romance films of the last three decades has said that he thinks upcoming film About Time will be his last.

The thrice BAFTA-winning, Oscar-nominated director has tole Empire magazine, as reported by The Independent, that "[About Time] probably will be the last film I will direct." The 56 year-old filmmaker admitted he himself wasn't sure why he wanted to bow out, saying "I don't know. Just a feeling...just a feeling. It feels like a summing-up to me. We'll see how things turn out."

Richard Curtis
Richard Curtis Thinks About Time Will Be His Swansong.

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Colin Firth's Mr. Darcy Statue Unveiled Emerging From Serpentine Lake

Colin Firth JANE AUSTEN Jennifer Ehle

It will be the role for which he is forever remembered: Colin Firth's 1995 TV drama portrayal of the wealthy yet antisocial Mr. Darcy in the BBC's adaptation of JANE AUSTEN's Pride and Prejudice. The statue depicts Firth as Darcy emerging from the Serpentine Lake post-swim with a wet shirt. The role propelled Firth to fame and he was soon seen as a sex symbol after that iconic scene where he emerges from the water to an awkward encounter with Jennifer Ehle's Elizabeth Bennet.

Colin Firth
Colin Firth: Immortalised In Fibreglass As Mr. Darcy.

According to The Guardian, the 12 foot tall fibreglass statue has been erected to mark the launch of UKTV's new channel Drama. In a survey asking viewers to rate their most memorable moment of TV drama, director Andrew Davies' lake scene adaptation topped the poll.

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New Bridget Jones’ Diary - Mad About The Boy

Helen Fielding Colin Firth

As a creation of the 90s, Bridget Jones never had to deal with social media, texting and the perils they bring. But with the third instalment of the Helen Fielding creation – now revealed to be called Mad About The Boy – she has to become tech savvy, and quickly so.

To be released in October, the third book "represents a totally new phase in Bridget's life" as she deals with present day London. Alongside the announcement of the book’s title, a couple of extracts were released, revealing the troubles Jones is having in the modern world of social media. "You see, this is the trouble with the modern world. If it was the days of letter-writing, I would never even have started to find his address, a pen, a piece of paper, an envelope, a stamp and gone outside at 11.30pm to find a postbox," one extract said. "A text is gone at the brush of a fingertip, like a nuclear bomb or Exocet missile. Dating Rule No 1: Do not text when drunk,” reads the other.

Fans of the films won’t be too delighted though, as Colin Firth, who starred in the first two, thinks it’ll be a long time before we see Bridget on the big screen again. "Unfortunately, it might be a bit of a long wait," he said. "I wouldn't say that it's completely dead in the water, but the way it's going you might be seeing Bridget Jones' granddaughter's story being told by the time we get there."

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P Diddy Downton Abbey Tweet Confirmed False – Nation Sighs

Sean Combs Colin Firth

The thought of P Diddy appearing on Downton Abbey never entered anyone’s brain, ever; until it was tweeted, and then it was all anyone could think about. Alas, though, it’s not true, and the rapper will not be donning period attire with hanging out with Hugh Bonneville.

Sean Combs P Diddy
P Diddy aka Sean Combs loves a bit of Downton, so much so, he's forced himself upon the show

The tweet read: "MY BIG NEWS: So happy to announce that Im a series regular on DOWNTON ABBEY-my favorite show+i'll be debuting a sneak peek tonight 12am PST!." Since then, though, PBS spokesman Carrie Johnson has confirmed "It's not true," in a statement delivered by email. It was all very confusing for the people over at PBS. He initially posted: “How many of y’all out there are Downton Abbey fans? I have to admit that Downton Abbey is one of my favorite shows...” before dropping his (fake) bombshell. That’s not all though, and what Diddy was saying, well, it wasn’t entirely false. He did appear on Downton, but only really in his own head. Oh yeah, and in this ridiculous video, too. Diddy hasn’t always been called Diddy, of course. And it’s since he changed his name that his behaviour has grown ever frivolous.

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Emma Stone, Colin Firth Heading To France For Woody Allen Comedy

Emma Stone Woody Allen Colin Firth

Emma Stone and Colin Firth will star in Woody Allen's latest movie - a currently untitled comedy set to shoot in the South of France this summer. It will mark Allen's second time shooting in France - following the excellent Midnight in Paris - and his eighth movie set in Europe, according to the Hollywood Reporter.

Though the plot of the move is still under wraps, the cast and crew offer a hint of what the film may look like. Allen's longtime associated Letty Aronson and Stephen Tenebaum will produce, while Midnight in Paris and To Rome With Love cinematographer and production designer, Darius Khondji and Anne Seibel also return to work with Allen. 

Emma Stone has emerged as one of the most sought after actresses in Hollywood, following turns in Crazy Stupid Love, The Help and The Amazing Spider-Man. She is currently shooting the sequel to the latter. Oscar winner Firth has no less than six movies currently in some sort of production, including World War II drama The Railway Man, with Nicole Kidman and Alexander Skarsgard.

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Colin Firth To Appear In New Woody Allen Film? But No New Bridget Jones

Colin Firth

Colin Firth is picking up the work schedule again, filling his diary with all manner of roles if reports are to be believed. First up it would appear that Deadline have got wind of him joining Emma Stone in appearing in directing veteran Woody Allen’s forthcoming film. As yet untitled, it’s nevertheless believed to be starting shooting in the South of France and promises an intriguing project for Allen, who shows no sign of slowing down his own work load despite his advanced years.

Elsewhere, Deadline believe that Firth has also been attached to appear in the MI6 film The Secret Service. Given that there have been lingering rumours in the past and suggestions that Firth would make a good fit as a Bond, it looks to be a pretty good move. The film is being helmed by Matthew Vaughn, who is currently in charge of X-Men: First Class.

One thing that doesn’t seem to be happening any time soon is a new Bridget Jones movie. Firth told The Sun: “Unfortunately, it might be a bit of a long wait. I wouldn’t say it’s completely dead in the water, but the way it’s going you might be seeing Bridget Jones’s granddaughter’s story being told by the time we get there. There is a joy of doing those movies that keeps hope alive. And the story is going in an interesting direction, I just wouldn’t say that the movie is imminent.” Still, it sounds like he’s got plenty to be getting on with in the meantime.

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Colin Firth Set To Become Super-Spy For New Movie 'Secret Service'

Colin Firth Matthew Vaughn


Colin Firth is the latest serious actor to try their hand at a comic book adaptation, with the Oscar-winning actor set to star in Matthew Vaughn’s movie-imagining of he Secret Service, the comic he co-created with Mark Millar and artist Dave Gibbons. Millar and Vaughn have previously worked on Kick-Ass together, whose sequel will be brought out later this year.

Colin Firth
Colin Firth pulls off suave and dashing pretty well, so he's probably the right man for the job.

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A Single Man: Inimitable Tom Ford Prepares Debut London Fashion Week Show

Tom Ford Colin Firth London Fashion Week

Enigmatic American fashion designer Tom Ford will make his London Fashion Week debut in the capital tonight (February 18, 2013), no doubt attracting a slew of celebrities and a global audience of fashionistas. The former Gucci designer has previously introduced his collections at relatively low-key private showings in front of exclusively selected audiences.

Tom Ford, Bazaar Women Of The Year AwardsTom Ford's Hotly Anticipated Show Takes Place in London Tonight

The chance to attend Tom Ford's first womenswear catwalk show is a massive incentive for press and buyers though such is the rarity of the designer's show, the official London Fashion Week website simply lists tonight's venue as: SEE INVITE. Ford is certainly a shadowy figure in the world of fashion, though has his designing fingers in various pies. In 2005, he opened production company Fade To Black, through which he directed, produced and co-wrote his first feature film A Single Man, which landed Colin Firth a nomination for Best Actor at the Oscars. 

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Good Genes Or Good Ops: Which Male Celebrities Don't Show Their Age?

Anthony Kiedis David Beckham Tom Cruise Jim Carrey George Clooney Eddie Murphy Wayne Coyne Colin Firth Antonio Banderas Bono Kevin Spacey Prince Donny Osmond Tom Hanks Christoph Waltz Anthony Bourdain Bruce Willis Jeff Daniels Rowan Atkinson Chris Noth Denzel Washington Liam Neeson Jeff Goldblum Bruce Springsteen Lionel Richie Jeff Bridges Samuel L Jackson Jeremy Irons David Letterman Ted Danson Harrison Ford Amitabh Bachchan Morgan Freeman Dustin Hoffman Dick Van Dyke Roger Moore Rolling Stones

We've all had that moment; looking at photos of our favourite celebs and then jumping out of our seats screaming, 'He's HOW old?!' Well, we've been doing a lot of that here at ContactMusic. Some stars seem to have crept up the age ladder pretty sneakily, the odd wrinkle and grey hair barely registering on our radar, while others don't seem to have aged at all! English football player David Beckham was in his twenties when he rose to global popularity and, looking at his recent H&M underwear advert, it seems that his iconic hairstyles and tattoos are our only way of working out the old from the newer pictures of him. However, he is only 37 and has plenty of time to catch up yet. It's the over-50s that have really had our mouths agape in recent times as we've been scouring the net for the most youthful looking middle to old aged stars. 

Anthony Kiedis, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey

(Anthony Kiedis, Tom Cruise, Jim Carrey)

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Helen Mirren Happy To Lie Next To Colin Firth On Hollywood Walk Of Fame

Helen Mirren Colin Firth

Dame Helen Mirren has been honoured with a long overdue star on the Hollywood Walk of Fame for her achievements as an Oscar winning actress.

'The Queen' star was thrilled by the accolade which became the 2,488th star on the Hollywood Boulevard. 'I really can't believe it', she said. 'I'm going to finally lie next to Colin Firth - something I've been wanting to do for a very long time.' She refers to the British actor, known for his charm, who received a Star in 2011 following an Academy Award win for his portrayal of King George in 2010's 'The Kings Speech'. Mirren continued: 'I think it's very good for the British monarchy that, here, on Hollywood Boulevard, the King and the Queen are going to actually sleep together, for the rest of history.' She also revealed that she planned to return to the plaque in disguise and noted that she was proud to be 'henceforth walked on upon, have fries dropped upon, maybe even be peed upon, by future generations of tourists, Angelinos and their dogs'. 

The actress has had a prolific career but 'The Queen' is her best known work, winning her an Academy Award, a BAFTA, a Golden Globe and a Screen Actors Guild award. She won two other Screen Actors Guild awards for her film work plus a further one and two Golden Globes for her TV work, not to mention four Emmys.

Colin Firth And Wife Give Their Sons Hand-Me-Down Clothes

Colin Firth

Actor Colin Firth and his wife often make their children wear 'hand-me-down' clothes. The Academy Award winning actor and Livia Giuggioli, his wife, are more in favour of mending old and worn down clothes for their children. 11-year-old Luca and 9-year-old Matteo are supposedly happy to wear mended clothes and garments formerly belonging to their friends.

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Giuggioli owns her own ethical clothing collection, and explains the choice of clothing regarding her children's clothing, by saying: ''With my kids' clothes, we do a lot of hand-me-downs with friends. I mend. I know it's easier to throw away a sock with a hole and buy a new one than mend it, but I don't do that.''

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Top Twenty Classic Holiday Season Christmas Films

Chevy Chase Will Ferrell Zooey Deschanel Bill Murray Tim Allen Michael Caine The Muppets Macaulay Culkin Joe Pesci Eddie Murphy Dan Aykroyd Billy Bob Thornton Bruce Willis Alan Rickman Robert Downey Jr Val Kilmer Cameron Diaz Kate Winslet Jude Law Jack Black Keira Knightley Hugh Grant Colin Firth Johnny Depp

Little has caused more contention in the contactmusic office than our recent discussion about the Christmas films list! Obviously, everyone has their own favourite, and to them that will always be the top of the list. One thing that became all too clear to us was that - with the exception of Elf & Bad Santa - there really hasn't been too many full blown Christmas films so we'd like to make a plea to Bill Murray and the other Hollywood greats - PLEASE make a new (top quality) Christmas film to join these festive favourites! 

I can't say we particularly advocate parents encouraging their offspring to watch films above their age certificate, but it appears we all grew up in houses that didn't really mind what we watched - and let's face it, some of the best Christmas films might have a few boobs or rowdy drunken behaviour... As children of the 80's and 90's, we're fully aware that there's original to some of these remakes, but as is always the way, these are the films we grew up with and as such, they are our favourites. 

Enough explanation, in no particular order here are the films we recommend you watch over the holidays!

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Gambit Review


Remade from a 1966 romp starring Michael Caine and Shirley MacLaine, this con artist action-comedy is enjoyably silly but never much more than that. Part of the problem is a lack of chemistry between stars Colin Firth and Cameron Diaz, and the film focuses on goofy slapstick instead of a coherent plot. So we may chuckle along the way, but it's hard to be interested in anything that happens.

Firth is at the centre as Harry, a London art expert who has a score to settle with his arrogant billionaire boss Lionel (Rickman). So he sets up an elaborate scam involving a fake Monet painted by his talented pal Wingate (Courtenay). But they need the help of a sassy Texan, PJ (Diaz), to make it work, and she doesn't play along as Harry imagines she will. Soon she's flirting shamelessly with Lionel while Harry sneaks around in the background setting up the con and struggling to pay for her extravagant stay in the Savoy. Meanwhile, Lionel is trying to make a deal with a group of hard-bargaining Japanese businessmen.

While the Coen brothers' script bursts with absurd wit, Hoffman directs the film as a mindless farce, missing every chance for black comedy. From the animated Pink Panther-style titles, the tone is light and frothy, the characters are paper thin and the plot's convolutions never seem to amount to anything. Most of the big set-pieces are irrelevant asides, such as a half-hearted scene involving the lion that's featured far too prominently on the movie poster. Or a long sequence in which Firth cavorts around the Savoy without his trousers. It certainly doesn't help that Firth and Diaz never generate even a spark of attraction between them.

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A Week In Movies Featuring: Argo, My Brother The Devil, Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman, Hitchcock, Emma Stone, Penelope Cruz And More!

As big movies like Skyfall and Argo open in the USA and UK respectively, it's the smaller titles that are getting the most attention. The British independent drama My Brother the Devil won awards at Sundance and festivals in Berlin, London, Los Angeles and San Francisco, and has garnered four-star reviews across the board from UK critics this weekend. Now the public gets a chance to see it.

In London, the stars turned out this week for the premiere of Gambit, a remake of the 1966 heist comedy. The film's stars Colin Firth, Cameron Diaz, Alan Rickman and Tom Courtenay were on hand both for the red carpet premiere and a meet-the-filmmakers event at London's Apple Store.
Hitchcock Trailer

Meanwhile, Helen Mirren has been doing Q&As in London for her new film Hitchcock, in which she plays Alma Reville, wife of Alfred Hitchcock (Anthony Hopkins). The movie traces the making of Psycho with Janet Leigh (Scarlett Johansson), Vera Miles (Jessica Biel) and Anthony Perkins (James D'Arcy). A new trailer makes it look like a lot of fun. And a probable awards contender too.

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Gambit Premier: Cameron Diaz And Colin Firth Talk Nudity And New Skills.

Cameron Diaz Colin Firth Alan Rickman Michael Hoffman Coen Brothers

Eccentric British/American comedy 'Gambit' premiered in London last night at the Empire in Leicester square. It stars Cameron Diaz, Colin Firth and Alan Rickman, and was directed by Michael Hoffman, with a script written by the Coen Brothers. With a line-up like that you can't really go wrong!

The remake of the 1966 film of the same name follows an art curator (Firth) who is sick of his boss (Rickman) and decides to take sweet revenge, in a variety of hilarious ways, aided by cowgirl PJ Puznowski (Diaz). Despite being written by Americans and directed by another American, it's a very British comedy.  

On the red carpet Firth, Diaz and Hoffman spoke to ITN and the Daily Mail, and spoke about the trials and tribulations of working on the film. Cameron and Firth spoke to ITN about the nudity in the film, that has already been widely talked about. Cameron said "nothing's gratuitous, it's all for a purpose." Which was followed by a self-defacing quip from Firth who said: "My legs are there for gratuitous comedy, and they've been shamelessly exploited." Firth only really loses his trousers in the film, but Alan Rickman's character Lord Lionel Shabandar spends some of it in his birthday suit. The making of the film wasn't all levels of nudity, Cameron also got to try her hand at real life cow-girling, in an interview with the Daily Mail she said "I got to do a little lassoing, a little roping on the cattle." Adding, "It was a lot of fun."

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Annie Lennox Gets Married For The Third Time

Annie Lennox Colin Firth Ruby Wax

Annie Lennox has defied her previous intentions never to remarry, and has remarried, reports Sky News.

The ceremony, which according to Lennox’s spokesperson was “a private ceremony with friends and family present," took place in London, on a boat on the Thames, with guests including Oscar winner Colin Firth and comic Ruby Wax. Her first marriage to German Hare Krishna devotee Radha Ramen in 1984 ended before it really began, and her second marriage to Israeli film and record producer Uri Frutmann also failed, despite the fact that they had two daughters before they divorced in 2000. Lennox had previously said that she’d never get married again, but love seems to have taken its toll, and the former Eurhythmics singer hasn’t even bothered to address her conflicting statements: probably because she doesn’t care. The Scottish Daily Record quoted a friend as saying, "She and Mitch (Besser) are probably going to get away for a few days" whilst on Lennox's Facebook page, she posted a photo of her white and pastel pink wedding flowers.

Lennox reportedly met Dr Mitch Besser in 2009 through his charity for which she fundraises. In 2011, Lennox received an OBE from Queen Elizabeth, not for her contributions to music, but for her charity work. She is a committed activist, raising money and awareness for HIV charities.

Colin Firth, Meryl Streep and BAFTA - Colin Firth and Meryl Streep, Sunday 12th February 2012 Orange British Academy Film Awards (BAFTAs) held at the Royal Opera House - Press Room

Colin Firth, Meryl Streep and Bafta

Colin Firth, Ellen Degeneres, Madame Tussauds and Oscars

Colin Firth, Ellen Degeneres, Madame Tussauds and Oscars

Colin Firth, Golden Globe Awards and Beverly Hilton Hotel Sunday 15th January 2012 The 69th Annual Golden Globe Awards (Golden Globes 2012) held at The Beverly Hilton Hotel - Press Room

Video - Colin Firth: 'My Relative Works For MI5'

British actor Colin Firth (The King's Speech; Love Actually; A Single Man) attends a press junket for his movie "Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy" at the Waldorf Astoria hotel in New York. Colin talks about the phone hacking scandal in the UK that has been dominating headlines and how he feels it crossed the line in terms of personal information. He also reveals that he has a close relative working for the MI5 but the details of their job are unclear to the actor.

Colin's next project is The Railway Man; based on a true story, Colin portrays Eric Lomax, a man who worked on the Death Railway in Japan during World War II. The film also stars Jeremy Irvine and will be released in 2013

Tinker Tailor Soldier Spy Review

It's rare to see a film in which writers, director and cast all respect the intelligence of their audience. So when it happens, it's something to savour.

Especially when it shows as much audacious skill as this British thriller does.

In the Cold War paranoia of 1973, there's a Russian mole in British intelligence. And the top boss Control (Hurt) has narrowed it down to four top colleagues (Firth, Jones, Hinds and Dencik). He asks faithful George Smiley (Oldman) to root out the spy, so he and Peter (Cumberbatch) begin a complex investigation that involves a discredited agent (Hardy) and a murdered operative (Strong). But the truth only seems to get more elusive the further they descend into the rabbit hole.

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Colin Firth and Berlin Friday 18th February 2011 Colin Firth returns home after attending the Berlin International Film Festival (Berlinale) London, England

Colin Firth and Berlin

Anthony Andrews, Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter - Anthony Andrews, Geoffrey Rush, Helena Bonham Carter and Colin Firth Sunday 30th January 2011 at Screen Actors Guild Los Angeles, California

Anthony Andrews, Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter

Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter - Colin Firth , Helena Bonham Carter and Geoffrey Rush The 54th Times BFI London Film Festival - The King's Speech - The 54th Times BFI London Film Festival - The King's Speech - Photocall Thursday 21st October 2010

Colin Firth, Geoffrey Rush and Helena Bonham Carter

A Christmas Carol Review

The quintessential Christmas classic gets yet another movie incarnation with this visually impressive version from effects wizard Zemeckis. For most of us, all the surprises here are visual, and it's well worth seeing in 3D.

For seven years after his business partner Marley dies, Ebenezer Scrooge (Carrey) ruthlessly pinches his pennies, underpaying his assistant Bob Cratchit (Oldman) and neglecting the family of his nephew Fred (Firth). Then on Christmas Eve, Marley's ghost informs Scrooge that he will be visited by three ghosts, and that night Scrooge takes a terrifying odyssey through his past, present and future, realising that he has completely missed the point of his life. And of Christmas.

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Colin Firth - Sunday 18th May 2008 at Cannes Film Festival Cannes, France

Colin Firth

Colin Firth - Colin Firth and guest Saturday 9th June 2007 at Hallam Arena Sheffield, England

Colin Firth

Pride And Prejudice (1995) Review

Most film adaptations of classic books are inferior to the books they are based on. This is partly because the written word allows more nuance than the camera, but also because great books don't always have enough plotting or action to make great movies, and film adaptations often overcompensate by rewriting the book in a quest to make it more cinematic. The most obvious recent example (speaking of quests) is The Lord of the Rings: Peter Jackson omitted key scenes, changed others, and generally jacked up Tolkien's fanatically-loved bestseller for no good reason.

So it's an achievement when a famous book makes it to the big screen, or the small screen, intact -- and kudos must go to the A&E/BBC miniseries Pride and Prejudice for flawlessly recreating the classic Jane Austen novel. This production is as faithful to the book as Cliff notes (though at five hours long, it's not much of a time-saver -- you might as well read the book). The filmmakers fill in the off-camera scenes of the book so seamlessly that Austen might have written them herself.

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Nanny McPhee Review

Once upon a time, there was a young, dashing movie critic who ventured to see a fairy tale named Nanny McPhee. The critic was scared, as he had done battle with kids' movies. His record featured duels with the likes of Are We There Yet? and Rebound. He had barely survived.

But our hero had a job to do, and he never shied away from danger. He swallowed his fear, hopped into his silver, gas-fueled chariot, and sped off through the rain and inky darkness to the multiplex, that house of horrors where Cedric the Entertainer and John Travolta lurked. The critic pushed open the heavy doors and made his fateful way to face off against Nanny McPhee.

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Fever Pitch (1997) Review

Yoiks! Not long after High Fidelity, Nick Hornby wrote another book about the perils of romance -- this time because a guy (Colin Firth) can't seem to let go of his soccer mania long enough to give any heed to his girlfriend (Ruth Gemmell). Sounds like it could potentially make an interesting romantic comedy, but never mind the half-naked girl on the cover of the video, Fever Pitch is about as exciting as being trampled at the World Cup. Immediately snoozy, Hornby explores the origins of Firth's insance fandom -- trying to explain why a grown man is so obsessed with a small, local soccer team winning the big championship. The failure for the explanation to make sense is as much the fault of the story as it is the British accents, so unbearably thick they might as well be Russian. For a much better, wacky look at British romance, check out When Brendan Met Trudy or even Bridget Jones's Diary.
Colin Firth

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